Origin 2021b Bug Fixes


Before formula script is clear when formula update  
Click cells in worksheet slow down if too many oth files under User Files folder  


Collected issues of crop matrix  
Copy All Open Tables works incorrectly  


Copy Page to PPT Slide issue  
Different length of breaks between graph window and exported image  
Export Contour Map Lost Color  
Fail to export as cgm/dxf  
Fail to type characters with IME input method when Formula Bar shows  
Floating graph in Window View fails to show correctly  
Issues with copy paste of hidden column data from Excel  
Legend slightly shifts to the right when copy page as picture  
Mini toolbar for worksheet row wrongly shows for Matrix  
Modify result column label wrongly dirty Append Worksheet operation  
Operation using cell formula failed to trigger auto update  
Origin crash when close source OPJU after copy page  
Origin frozen if work on column filled by large number of cell formula  
Page Preview Break line changes after hide and show  
Pop up Crash Report dialog after Copy Page Stacked Column graph and Paste into Word  
Prevent changing row height when entering text in worksheet  
ROI failed to get correct data if XY coordinates is descending  
Select layout window to export issues  
Set @GDIP=0 cannot show graph in Origin  
Set value fails after LabTalk command error  
Specific graph takes a long time to be exported  
Transpose failed to work for masked data  
Y tilte is cut when reopen specified graph from Word  


3-Way ANOVA Small P-Value Show as 0  
Confidence Interval on Survival Curve are not correct (Kaplan-Meier tool)  
Fail to initial parameter for specific matrix data if missing value exists  
sampling interval fail to get correct auto value when input x having extra missing value  
User’s modification in column label row in result got lost after recalculation  

Data Handling

Colored inner points issue in Cluster Gadget  
Compatibility issue for Gadgets selected plots  
Connector reimport from graph is much slower  
Crash When Importing NetCDF File  
CSV Connector More Issues  
Curve Translate issue with Sampling Interval  
Data Connector LT LabTalk support Issues  
Excel Connector Issues and Bugs  
Gadgets: "Go to Report Worksheet" is disabled after outputting to same book  
Import entire folder fails  
Import speed is very slow when binary data is under network path  
Import Wizard Truncates Rows When Importing Multiple Binary Files via Start New Columns  
Pop up Calling members of unattached wrapper class after clear Show Asymptote  


Add animation for button on 3D graph when clicked  
Additional line showed outside layer  
Arrow at begin fail to work fine when click Apply  
Axis table labels mess up when the X is out-of-order  
Bubble Plot Legend with 1st data point size=0  
Bubble Scale doesn't consider the 3D mode  
Cannot close Data Info Window  
Color scale map to plot should not use plot index  
Colormap changed when number of total level is not changed  
Column Plot Show Date Value  
Contour display issues when contour labels are rotated  
Contour Plot Display wrong color on minimum value  
Contour smoothing parameter not work for German separator  
Could not show only one decimal place for Heatmap with 1E-6  
Crash when apply settings in PD with D pressed  
Customization gone after change parameter on 2D Kernel Density Plot  
Drag to offset Table Row Title does not work properly  
Drop line and Labels do not work if there are overlapped points offset plotting  
Fail to copy and paste format for transparency  
Fail to keep aspect ratio for graph object when uniform width/height  
Fail to plot XEr bar in layer 2 and 3 in multiple layers template like 3Ys-Y-YY  
Fail to show copy image button for graph sheet  
Failed to copy axis break style and paste format  
Failed to move Sankey Nodes when Exchange X-Y Axes  
Fails to show Legend in Chord Diagram with Virtual Matrix  
Failure to Apply Copied Format to Contour Labels Settings  
Failure to set histogram binning on each layer independently in Scatter Matrix  
Flip through work incorrect when data column is descending in left panel of browser graph  
Gaps in Polar Contour Plots Fill to Grid  
Go to Bin Worksheet menu did not work if Histogram shows label  
graph object's dimensions is changed when check keep aspect ratio if units is % of page/layer  
grouped column/bar graph mess up after replacing with new data or batch plotting  
Improve the position of date & time stamp after extracting multi-panel graph  
Increase the maximum number of characters in legend  
Issues of changing bin size of histogram embedded in report sheet  
Legend Resizes for 3D Graph when placed on Layout  
Log scale axis with major increment being large like 50  
Loosen restriction on legend reverse order menu  
Merge Double-Y Column/Box Graphs Issue  
Merge Graph Issues with Sankey  
Minor tick position on date time axis  
Missing value drawing issue in contour plot  
Missing Values are connected in Line+Symbol plot when symbol is 0  
Origin crash when remove plot if there is data label  
Origin crashes when opening certain project  
Outlier and Data Points should only show one copy  
Palette Editor Edit Color Issue  
Pattern Color by Plots Fails for Box, Statistical Bar, etc.  
Polar Bar Label Position dropdown is wrong in mini-toolbar  
Polar column can not show label when value is 0  
Prohibit user from picking built-in color lists in Custom color section  
Projection should be above Map on XY Plane  
Rich Text Latex Rendering Issue  
Set same font size of text not entirely selected shows the old syntax  
Some speicific Contour Plot with Log10 scale Colormap draw wrongly in Origin 2021  
Step lines are not correct for missing values  
Text object looks bad with rotation  
The number of character for Legend Custom Format in G version is limited  
Transparency of Outliers is wrong when Transparency for Fill Only is selected  
Wrong format to save for 3D scatter with special point  
Wrong Legend Entry for Outliers when there is index column for data points  
Wrong message exists after add label for contour  
Z label value show incorrect in ternary graph  


Allow “reserved characters” in proxy authentication  
AltGr key does not work in Command window of G version  
Copy page on a certain graph crashes Origin  
Date Sorting Issue in German Theme Organizer  
Hidden Excel embedded in project shows when loading opju  
Switch Folder is too slow with big Results Log project  
Windows in subfolder Issues  


Averageif should skip missing value  
Embedded Python Support Multiple Users on Same PC  
layer -b stack was broken since 2020b  
OC GetDataRange failed to get error data if only half (plus or minus) bar shows  
OC loop is getting slower  
Origin crashed if activate window from HTML notes  
Origin crashes when do string concatenation with different length in set value  
OriginC CreateProcess( ) fails since Origin 2018  
Python button code/workbook examples failed when user name has spaces. Beta8  
reducexy incorrect results with missing value data  
single cell range not supported in join() function  


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