Origin crashes by OLE graph after analysis operation

Version: 2020b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Publishing

Jira: ORG-21156

  1. Run Origin as admin one time.

  2. Start Origin, fill 2 xy cols with random numbers.

  3. Highlight them to make a 2D scatter plot.

  4. Press Ctrl+J to copy page, paste in PPT.

  5. Close Origin.

  6. In PPT, double click the Origin graph object to launch Origin.

  7. Do linear fit on the 2D scatter plot graph as default setting.

  8. Close Origin instance.

    • ->Linear fit shows in PPT OLE object.

  9. Close PPT.
    ==>Origin crash report shows.


  1. This issue has existed at least since 9.4

  2. It has been fixed in Origin2020b.