Copy Paste Format for grouped plot with special point use wrong index

Version: 2020b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: General

Jira: ORG-21045

1.Add one X column and 8 Y columns, X filled with row number, Y with random
2.plot a 4 panel plot plot detail, go to layers tab of page level, uncheck all checkbox of common display, ok 1st plot of layer 1 and ctrl click to create a special point, set green color, note this special point is not 1st one
5.right click this plot and copy format
6.go to layer 2, select 1st plot, paste format all
==> 1st plot of all layers show special point at 1st point, including layer 1(the original special point is deleted). Special point of layer 1&2 is black, but 3&4 is auto color.

Fixed in Origin2020b.