HTML Mode for Notes Window

Version: 2019

Type: Features

Category: Miscellaneous

Subcategory: Origin Workspace

Jira: ORG-13031

Support HTML mode for Note window:

1 . Labtalk is added to provide access to the active note page:

  • note.text$: get/set the text of active note

  • note.readonly = 0/1: switch readonly mode, default=0

  • note.syntax = 0/1: default=0, plain text, 1 means HTML syntax colored.

  • note.view = 0/1: default = 0, text editor, 1 means render with HTML browser

2 . Embed Various Origin objects into Note page's HTMLIntroduce a new mechanism for user to insert Origin Graph, Cell, Table(from report sheet) and Matrix image inside note window's HTML mode. the syntax will be like this: 

<ANY_HTML_TAG data-OLink="OriginLink">

 For example, to insert a graph preview to a note window, you should use graph type. e.g.

<div data-OLink="graph://graph1"></div>

See following table for the type of responding Origin objects:

3 . HTML Export As Web Page: Added a new menu on Note window's title bar, label as Save as Webpage..., this menu will only be enabled when the Note is currently in HTML mode.