Origin 2019 Features


Add Excel Bicubic interpolation

Shift, scale and trim data to align various peaks.

Better Batch Processing with Multiple files in Analysis Template

Block Recalculation

Design an experiment, fit a model to experimental data, and find best factor settings that optimize responses.

Dialog Theme context menu Improvements for Import tools

Search, find and add fitting functions to Origin.

Perform global fit and share parameters for different functions.

Hide Recalculation Locks on the graph

Object identification and measurement on image.

Separate mixed signals into sub-components.

LabTalk command nlbegin supports to pick up error bar when fitting from graph

Output Adj. R-square and Pearson's r of a scatter matrix plot to a result sheet

Offer an intuitive and interactive interface to perform peak analysis.

Set column as categorical for analysis tools related to grouping

Set default node's shrink/expanding status on hierarchical result sheet for each analysis

Help you pick the most appropriate statistical tool that is best suited for your data, including the tests, the graphs, and the Apps.

Support threshold as a certain value in peak finding

Support to define both 32bit and 64bit External DLLs in a FDF file

Use new Window View for preview on more analysis tools

Data Handling

In Tools: Options dialog, a newly entry "1 000.0" is added for Numeric Separators.

Add system variable so that import with "Replace Existing Data" will really replace existing data

Auto fill column label row contents to the right

Updated the new LibXL version 3.7.1 to Origin, so that Origin 2019 will support importing more higher version Excel files.

Choose View: Column List View menu to view a list of columns with associated metadata and sparklines. Data cells are not displayed. You can select column(s) in this list view and perform the usual graphing and analysis operations.

Choose Worksheet: Conditional Formatting to manage and edit ranges with conditional format.

User can select the Copy Filter from filter's context menu or select a filter condition in Filter cell and Ctrl+C to copy a filter, and then paste it to other column(s).

Support to copy non-continuous rows

Create Subset Sheet context menu to extract selected rows to a new sheet.

Custom numeric format more works

Added a system variable @sqli= to determine whether the menu and the tooltip on the DB icon in the top left of a worksheet are enabled. By default it is 0.

Support importing newer FAMOS files that have the keys "NL" and "NV".

Import Wizard Support relative OC File Path "<App Folder>" for user defined type.

Improve Mask cells by condition to support noncontinuous columns and row ranges

Improve Batch Processing to support TDMS files.

Masked status kept when copying and pasting data.

A new X-Function coljoinbydesig is added to concatenates columns by plot designation. Right now, it's only available by script access.

Numeric allow percent (%) and engineering notation

Press and scroll mouse wheel to view data

In Split Worksheet tool, add a new option "Retain 1st N Columns" for "By Number of Columns"/"By Column Label" split mode to keep the 1st N columns in the splitting worksheet result.

Support Date Time Data with higher precision

Support Hex numbers

Support importing newer HEKA file, up to version 2x90.3.

Treat missing as blank Improvements

User Parameter Row Formula

Select a range of cells or column(s) and color cells with duplicate values.

Worksheet Conditional Formatting: Heatmap

Select a range of cells or column(s) and color cells that match rules.


2D Vector graph should also support Scale Length with Magnitude

Add independent color scale on layout window

Add Zooming to expGraph Image Pane

Axis dialog to support Custom Numeric format

Better Default Numeric Display Format For X Y Z in Tooltip

Cluster Plot

Contour label will consider the custom boundary

Contour with Categorical Z Values

Customize outliers in box chart

Data Highlighter

Data Point Tooltip

Display 24:00 as 00:00 in time data

Display the median value in box chart

Edit Range supports specifying X values and an Apply button

Enable vertical auto position for box chart label

Help to export graphs and prepare a graph for publication.

Graph: Fix Scale Factors dialog improvements

Grouped Scatter Plot

Heatmap with Labels

Image Plot should have missing value support similar to contour

LabTalk set command for custom increment list more support

Legend Symbol context menu is added

Legend Symbol Width scale factor on Symbol tab of Text Object - Legend dialog

Align legend to left properly even after modifying the text by default

Longer minus sign in Graph

Need 4 directions margin controls for fit layers to page

New Legend for Fill Area Plot

Object Manager: Data manipulation related to grouped plots

Object Manager: Move Plot to Other Y Axis

Object Manager: Move a plot from one layer to another by dragging

Parallel Plot

Pick point tool

Pick Points Improvements

Rename plot group's long name in Object Manger

Row Title for Tick Label Table

Row-wise Line Series with Error Bars

Show Categorical values in Color List, Shape List, Interior List tab

Show Major tick at min and max of axis

Show Master Items on Screen should be default and convert existing

Size index column should automatically indicate in bubble scale

Smith Chart improvements such as zoom, data reader and negative real for Z.

Speed issue when there are too many panels

Stacked Histogram

Support %(CRLF) in Legend to wrap text

Support 3-Color Limited Mixing for Color Mapping

Support adding color scale on layout window

Support Categorical legend for 3D xyz bar plot

Support Custom Display Formats for Contour Labels

Support more than one custom incremental lists for one property of one plot

Support number of table rows up to 10

Tetrahedral Scatters/Lines/Line+Symbols

Trellis Plot with Double-Y Axes

Violin Plot

Installation and Licensing

Backup, Autosave, Unsaved from User Files Dialog

Config.ini under setup.exe folder to
prefill settings in installation (Serial number, Installation Path, etc.) so subsequent users can to do a silent installation, and preset license information and folders (User Files folder, Apps folder, etc.) so no dialog opens on first launch of Origin.


“About Origin” dialog improvements

Add Sparklines button on Columns toolbar

Adds some new graph types to 2D and 3D Graphs toolbars

Ctrl+G hotkey to open Export Graph with previous settings

Define Preview of Book and Graph Templates

GUI changes in miscellaneous tab of tools options dialog

Help: Origin Central has been renamed as Help: Learning Center.

HTML Mode for Notes Window

Improvements on By Points tab of Color control in toolbar and dialogs

Menu toolbar locking

Project Explorer Improvements

Reduce Help menu entries and Use Help: Open Folder to open useful folders

SCN icon improvements

Select multiple layers by clicking+Shift on the layer icon on the graph

Shortcut window improvements

Support Numeric Units, pi, km etc in worksheet and graph

Now functionalities of New Workbook dialog


Add GraphLayer::InsertPlot(int nIndex) method

Big Integer and the Bit Operations Support

Build a new OriginExt for Python 3.6 version

Code Builder can inspect the values declared inside the loop

Color Picker XF needed

COM interface to allow full search ability for Origin Project Files

command to create OPX file

GetN GETN_OPTION_NUM_FORMAT to support Custom Numeric Format

HTML Table support internal and from Origin C

http_get_str Fails to Return Response Body as String w/ Certain URL

Improve Cell() function to get actual cell display string

Improve JSON::FromString() & JSON::ToString()

More LabTalk/SCV Functions Support

More work on @MRU

Need export a function to convert the date value from/to system time

New Origin C function to get list of installed fonts

New Origin C method to scale the font size and line thickness when page size changes

New worksheet switch to select column label row in worksheet

OriginC and LabTalk access to Dataset Storage

OriginC font file path

OriginC functions wanted for Batch Plotting

OriginC issues related to getting data from the internet

OriginC OC JSON add Tree support

Provides LabTalk functions for Linear Fit

Support inserting a link to a matrix book or sheet

Support latest R 3.5.0

Tree-like datatip in Code Builder to show variable structure for debugging

Origin 2019 Bug Fixes


Data Handling


Installation and Licensing




Refine by Type


Refine by Category