Support Date Time Data with higher precision

Version: 2019

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Import Data

Jira: ORG-2266

Add three system variables:

1. @DSP: a project property, the date system in current project

  • 0: the current date system, +12 hours off from julian day system

  • 1: julian day

  • 2018: 2018 date system, 0 at 00:00 on Jan 1 2018

2. @DSO: the actual offset for the current date system, in day

And also, when the date system is 2018, Import Wizard support more higher precise date data, for example: When import time data like "2/5/2040 15:59:59.994983" using Import Wizard, can set Custom Date Format as "MM'/'dd'/'yyyy HH':'mm':'ss'.'######" to import.