Custom numeric format more works

Version: 2019

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Workbook and Worksheet

Jira: ORG-18759

  1. Improvement for Latitude Longitude display format.
    General syntax is now like this:

    D[Space][M[S]][F/D][n] [EW/NS[B]]

    F/D: F to indicate not to include symbols and space is always inserted. D to indicate only exclude last symbol.
    EW/NS: EW for longitude, NS for latitude
    B: before the numbers. if not specified, will be after.

    Example: For decimal degree of latitude -3.03423

    DMD3 NS -> 3° 02.053 S
    DMS1 NSB -> S 3°02'03.2"

  2. Support direct editing in custom numeric format using Hex.