Some rule changes to batch processing

Version: 2018b

Type: Features

Category: Analysis

Subcategory: Batch Processing

Jira: ORG-17526

We tend to have no dialogue, no interaction, in batch process. So the rule of batch process now becomes to:

  1. Before doing any batch process, user must make sure the input files format should be match with the last import settings in .ogw or filter in UFF.

  2. Last import setting must be used when check on "Use Import Setting in Workbook". filter file will be used when uncheck "Use Import Setting in Workbook".

  3. when filter is used, the proper filter should match: a. input file extension must be match with filters setting. b. filter file format must be match with last import settings in ogw.

Once user make analysis template with import ASCII, that means the template is only used for ASCII file. If user want to it for other type file, they must import another file from MENU and save analysis template again.