Origin 2018b Features


Smooth 3D data.

Allow importing data directly into embedded matrix in worksheet during batch processing

Batch Plot dialog now combines options for Book, Sheet and Column into one dialog

Better hint indication when run Pro-only features in Regular version

Batch processing with multiple Origin instances.

Fitting: Accuracy of p-value improved in nonlinear fit results

Fitting: Standard error on derived parameters included in the parameter Summary table

Fitting: Implicit Function supports Integral

Fitting: Sample Curve and Equation Preview images included when transferring FDF files from older version.

Fitting: Two new implicit fitting functions added for diode and solar cell data

New App to distribute multiple files across multiple cores for faster Batch Processing

Peak Analysis:  New method for peak detection: Fourier Self Deconvolution

Fit and rank multiple functions to identify best fitting model.

Save Batch Processing dialog settings into Analysis Template

Signal Processing: Unit description added to metadata of STFT result

Some rule changes to batch processing for no dialogue and no interaction,

Statistics: Frequency Count/Binning tool supports output format such as: 0-10, 10-20, etc.

Statistics: Hidden column will be ignored when computing statistics on rows

Statistics: PCA Loading plot and Biplot support improved plot labeling

Statistics: Stats on columns and rows will carry over Units from the source datasets

Support auto install of fitting function and origin template when installing opx

Support Plot Range for Dataset Identifier for Gadgets

Add data from many sheets/books into a combined graph or an existing graph

Help to create simple and personal toolbar buttons that run script.

Data Handling

Add Matrix as a Sheet in Workbook, Allows for Analysis Templates to include image or matrix data in a single book.

In ASCII Import, Origin's auto determine header line may not work well for all user's data.

Autosave is now available for Untitled.opj

Cell-Embedded image supported when saving Matrix Book

Clone Import should trigger recalculation

Cluster Gadget supports clearing category information

Copy and paste entire worksheet across multiple Origin sessions.

CSV Import: Added option for starting new rows when importing multiple files

Customer‘s OPJU Crashing on load. 

Add a checkbox named as "Ignore Ending Empty Columns", to control ascii export, to ignore empty columns from the end.

impcsv always import data from specific columns range since Origin2018

Import data with Start New Columns mode will not overwrite empty columns with merged column labels

Import data with Start New Columns mode will overwrite columns with missing values before creating additional columns

Improve Project Backup Mechanism

Improvements to labels in ASCII import dialog

MDF Import: Significant improvement to speed of MDF Import

impWav supports importing 24bit .wav file and multi-channel .wav file.

Option to default to old OPJ format for saving projects

Optional better handling of worksheet with large number of sparklines that may slow down opening projects.

Optional faster rendering of graphs when many are shown at once and/or overlapped

Partial Import node is added in BRUKER OPUS import dialog to import part of columns.

Save files to or open files from Google Drive

In Stack Columns, choose a label row as Group Identifier, then Origin will check if all value is numeric and not set it as categorical in the result.

Keep column plot designation for other columns in the Stack Columns result.

Start New Sheet import mode should extend to allow more sheets

For Averageif(), Countif(), and Sumif() function, you can use Excel column name in condition string argument in 2018b.

From Origin 2018b, user is allowed to set data format for a Parameter row or a User-Defined parameter row.

Support more numeric format like Excel

Support more options when Copy Columns to.

Support the import Excel theme created from old version


3D XYZ bar graph supports customization of individual bars

Indicate active window with a frame and customize color and line style

Added Alignment/Positioning options for Axis Titles with respect to axis position

New connect line control for 3D Waterfall

Added Rescale Axis option to axis context menu

Allow displaying reference lines on top of data

Apply changes to axes immediately from secondary dialogs that pop up

Auto option added colormap rescale modes 

Better legend position when Fitting Layers to Page

Contour Profile/Image Profile Improvements

Customize Layer/Plot/Axes properties across all layers

Easier way to modify symbol shape for special point

Easier way to show/hide error bars and data labels from Object Manager

Enlarged graph using scale-in tool supports multiple overlapped layers

Export graphs with PE folder name included in the name of the exported file

Extend arrow at end of axis to show outside of the layer limit

Margin control to fit all layers in graph into page area nicely.

New system variable to toggle between sharp arrow and round-head arrow

Embedded/floating graph can be copied as actual Graph, but not an EMF.

Better support Date/Non-Categorical Grouping Data in Indexed Group Box Plot

Improved 3D OpenGL graph preview in dialogs

Improve the assignment of columns to layers for multi-panel plots

Integrate Gadget now supports marking of Fill Area under multiple curves

Keep Aspect Ratio check box at Page level, to resize page

 Little Dialog to control Margin Offsets

Add Bubble Edge Thickness control

More flexible color scale object, including arbitrary color scale

More options and script commands to customize application of Master Page elements

New LT command to force all layers to have scale factor fixed but keep the look

No limit for characters of tick labels

Option to bring the newly pasted graph object to front

Option to export multiple graphs as a single multi-page PDF file

Option to ignore blank data when deciding column bar plot spacing

Page size change to keep same look

Pie Chart label supports Apply to layer etc

Rename Plot Groups instead of just using g1, g2, ... in Object Manager

Rescale axes of linked overlapping layers

Scale factor for fill pattern entries in legend. Applies only to Geology patterns.

Support <end> as end of column/row for size, when creating virtual matrices

Support 2D annotation for 3D scatter plot

Support for grouping and ungrouping of data plots in Object Manager

Support for label to be attached to data or error bar

Support for Stacked Column and 100% Stacked Column plot types in Trellis Plot

Support line style customization for vector graph

Support more 2D arrow shapes in 3D graphs

Support Tagging Sheet as Exclude from Plotting Dialog

Support total label for 3d stacked column/bar plots

System variable to control double-click legend behavior


Add a new option to Object Manager

Allow using English date format in Chinese/Japanese language setting

Bottom panel of Project Explorer no longer lists folders

Extra large icon view for workbooks and matrices in Project Explorer and Windows File Explorer

Hide preview of OPJU with password protection

Hotkey Ctrl+D to control show tooltip or not

Control which window display in File Explorer thumbnail and Preview

Improvements on Converting to Scientific Notation

Update installed Apps automatically to make sure they are always the newest version

Plot menu icon size been scaled by a factor from 0.5 to 2

Set Group Folder Location doesn’t require run as admin

Show both Long Name and Short Name in List and Icon Views in Project Explorer

Support for naming of custom colors


Getting the information about the cell link that is in a cell with LabTalk

LabTalk function to converts text to a number

LabTalk Hex related functions to handle bigger values

New LabTalk command to remove dividers

LabTalk: Skip Columns when Plotting and after Plotting

LabTalk: Support for programming way to control Master Item display

Labtalk:  function Unique() to find unique members of a column in SCV

LabTalk:  New command to turn on audit log for all projects.

LabTalk:  Script access to better support install and uninstall of Origin files that D&D can install

Added a parameter for specifying the title of dialog created by "okoc_folder_browser"

Better default for index in  GetParameterResults

function for Code Builder File Access

Need better support for accessing embedded matrix via LabTalk and OriginC

Access to get and set LabTalk LT properties of Origin Objects

Functions for  Batch Plotting

API for calling Origin from outside Python

findFiles x-function now supports recursive folder

More output options for mstats X-Function

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Data Handling


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