Origin 2021b Bug Fixes


3-Way ANOVA Small P-Value Show as 0  
Confidence Interval on Survival Curve are not correct (Kaplan-Meier tool)  
Fail to initial parameter for specific matrix data if missing value exists  
sampling interval fail to get correct auto value when input x having extra missing value  
User’s modification in column label row in result got lost after recalculation  

Origin 2021b Features


Arbitrary shape ROI box in Cluster gadget  

Cluster gadgets supports using Draw arbitrary shaped ROI box. Hotkey C to create category.

Duplicate Operation  

Duplicate the selected operation and change parameters to easily do comparison

Easier way to open Fitting Function Library App in NLFit dialog  

Fitting Function Library App icon added to Fitting Function Search.

Gadget output to clipboard  

Option to output gadget result to clipboard so user can paste to other applications, etc.

Improve the performance when fitting with Integral function  

The performance of fitting with Integral function has been imporved.

Improve X-function pa to open PA in modal style  

run pa in a loop with smode:=2 allows adjusting the analysis settings for each dataset.

Incorporate Python into Fitting Function Builder  

Support defined fitting function using Python in Fitting Function Builder and Fitting Function Organizer

More labtalk work on implicit fitting  

Add new X-functions for fitting via Labtalk: nlbeginor, nlbegino.

Progress Bars Improvements  

improve progress bar to make it more reasonable and easy to use

Show Pause Auto Update/Recalculations toolbar button  

It shows next to Recalculation button on Standard toolbar

Support multiple instances for batch PA processing  

Origin support multiple instances when do batch PA since Origin2021b,the speed is significant improved.

Support Python-based fitting functions in Peak Analyzer  

Fitting Functions based on Python code can be used in Peak Analyzer.

Support Y Maximum in Peak Properties Output  

Output the Y maximum (with baseline) for each found peak

Uncheck Results Log Output checkbox  

Analysis result not output to result log by default

Vertical Cursor: Show Legend column as identifier  

Add Legend context menu to turn on legend info. in vertical cursor


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