New impASC on GUI and related changes

Version: 2018

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: ASCII Importing

Jira: ORG-16928

Reconstruct the Import ASCII X-Function "impASC"(including the impASC setting dialog), and also it is compatible with the old one in LT script. However, we also add a system variable @IA for users who want to use the old one to roll back.

@IA = 1
File Menu: impASC_94
Tool Bar: impASC_94
LabTalk Script (run -xf impasc): impASC_94
Reimport (from old 94 .ogw): impASC_94
Drag and Drop (with old 94 .oif): impASC_94

@IA = 2
File Menu: impASC
Tool Bar: impASC
LabTalk Script (run -xf impasc): impASC
Reimport (from old 94 .ogw): impASC
Drag and Drop (with old 94 .oif): impASC