In the Projects tab, Origin projects that were modified and not actually saved can be reopened with the modifications in place via the Unsaved Files list.

Version: 2018

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Origin Project Files

Jira: ORG-15815

Even if the user chooses not to save a project file (OPJU), an autosaved OPJU will be kept for 7 days by default. If the user actually saves the project after modifying it, the unsaved version will be removed.

  • The unsaved version can be opened from the Unsaved File list in the Projects tab.

  • The user can turn off this feature from Tools: Options: Open/Close tab.

  • The System Variable @USKT is used to control how many days to keep the unsaved OPJU file. Default is 7 (days).
  • The system Variable @USM is used to limit the maximum OPJU size for Autosave Unsaved Project. Default is 20 (MB).