Improvements to Batch Processing:

Version: 2018

Type: Features

Category: Analysis

Subcategory: Batch Processing

Jira: ORG-16709

Mini tutorial:

  1. Open Batch Processing dialog.
  2. Load Analysis Template under <Origin EXE folder>\Samples\Batch Processing\Sensor Analysis.ogwu.
  3. For File List, select Sensor01, Sensor02, and Sensor03.dat under <Origin EXE folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting\.
  4. Set Result Sheet as Result.
  5. Click OK. In Summary sheet, there is a graph image from the analysis Template on each row. Mouse over it to pop up a larger image of the graph.

How to include a graph image in each row or report sheet:

  1. Open the analysis template .OGWU file. e.g. <Origin EXE folder>\Samples\Batch Processing\Sensor Analysis.ogwu.
  2. Copy an embedded in the report sheet and Paste Link in a cell in the sheet that will be used as Summary Sheet in Batch Processing. 
  3. Save the analysis template and use it in Batch Processing dialog.