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User Testimonials

Origin is the key software for all of my graphs. No matter if cycle life data or measurement results from different analytic methods (e.g. XPS, FTIR/Raman spectroscopy). Origin always provides the right solution. And the export function makes it easy to integrate the graphs into any text processing program, e.g. LaTeX.

Andreas Gonser
PhD Candidate

Origin has been used intensively at INSEP for almost 20 years. It is an all-in-one software that provides everything needed for handling tasks such as signal processing, data manipulation, stats, graphing and reports. Amongst the various improvements and new features in Origin 2020, I was particularly thrilled by pop-up mini-toolbars, allowing super easy and super fast graph customizing and polishing.

Antoine Couturier PhD
Research Engineer

INSEP (Paris, France)

I absolutely love Origin. I can't tell you how powerful, user-friendly, and useful this program is. It has helped me do science and engineering, extracting patterns from data, make visually appealing plots, etc. etc. Keep up the good work!

Michael Bellos


I wanted to point out the power of your interface. This case has a complicated legend with 8 series (6 of which are related). Because Origin lets me actually define the series in the legend with the \l(1) etc. nomenclature I can lay it out just like I want. I can also group series (like the test data) together and simulations together as well. Try that in Excel. This isn’t sexy stuff like 3D and contour but it really makes my job easier for the everyday work.

Jack Chislett
Director of Engineering Applications

TÜV Rheinland Mobility Inc.

Origin has always been my tool for scientific plotting. After comparing various products, I found Origin is the tool which has no obvious shortcomings, and provides a large collection of great features that other products do not provide. Origin is really efficient and super powerful if users master most of the functions. More importantly, OriginLab is really willing to listen to feedback from users and keeps improving the software. I always look forward to seeing what OriginLab will offer in the next version.

Renshaw Wang, PhD

National University of Singapore & Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Origin has been the most useful tool in the laboratory. I have used it to organize my experiments, to fit individual peaks and spectra, tabulate data, fit curves using the pre-packaged routines and some custom equations, and finally to make graphs that are much more professional looking than any of the other popular programs can achieve. The self-contained nature of project files in Origin has helped me keep my experiments well organized.

George Lindberg, PhD
Glass Scientist

Rochester Precision Optics

I want to thank the OriginLab team. I’ve been using Origin since about 2002. It has helped me in grad school on a range of projects, professionally at two different labs, and now in my capacity in applications support. Your software is part of my “toolkit” that I rely on to answer questions and solve problems.

Tom Schamp
Product Specialist

Hitachi High Technologies America

The OriginPro Student Version is a tool I use daily as I analyze my data and prepare to share both with colleagues and for publication. Even complex plots, such as contour plots, are made easy and quick to prepare. Origin presents my data professionally and is highly customizable without becoming burdensome or overwhelming. I recommend Origin to my peers at school, and to anyone looking for a better solution to plotting and analyzing their data.

Charles Ponyik, Graduate Student

Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry, Colorado School of Mines

Origin is a superb graphing suite as it is both easy to use and is capable of creating presentation and manuscript quality figures. The interface is in many ways intuitive and makes customizing figures a cinch. Origin has been my go-to graphing software and I recommend it as a must-have to new graduate students.

Bryan S. Beckingham
Materials Postdoctoral Fellow

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I have used Origin for about 15 years. My primary field of work is in the analysis, simulation, and algorithm development of things that fly and crash into other things on purpose. I use Origin to generate graphics for briefings and reports, and analyze flight test data. However, the main reason I have used Origin over the years is that although it is a sophisticated tool, it is simple to use. Innovation using a computer is often an iterative process, which requires constant feedback. When designing algorithms used in any flight system, an iteration is often running a full up six degree-of-freedom simulation; the feedback is evaluating the simulation’s output, which is usually quite extensive.
To accomplish this in a practical way one must quickly visualize and analyze the output, which then facilitates the setup for the next iteration. This process requires a sophisticated tool, which is easy to use and does not become an end in itself, but ultimately becomes transparent to the user.That’s why I use Origin.

Mike Nardella

6DOF Aerospace Studies

Huntsville, Alabama

I am still new to Origin, so everything is new, but what I like best is that you are building graphs for science, not sales or marketing. Recently I used the axis break for the first time and was astonished I could make it do whatever I wanted.

Name withheld

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida strives to produce students who graduate with skills and knowledge for careers or for further education. As part of this mission, we want students in the undergraduate laboratories to use state of the art software, so that they have skills to use the tools they will see in their future endeavors. Origin is a high level, professionally recognized software, and we want our students to learn to use this for preparing data for professional reports, publications, and presentations.

Nancy Ruzycki, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Laboratories

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida

“The new Quick Fit Gadget is fantastic and I absolutely love that I can output results to a worksheet so that I can get a column of a particular parameter on which I can do statistical analysis.”

Greg Scott
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“The Origin software has excellent statistics and is VERY user friendly.”

Habibeh Khoshbouei, Pharm. D., Ph.D.

Meharry Medical College

Case Western Reserve University distributes Origin to students, faculty and staff via a software download website. Members of the University can download, install and activate Origin at their convenience with no help needed from our technical support staff.
We have found the process of implementing Origin on our download site to be easy and pleasant. The Origin installation software was easy to use and our users find the setup and activation process to be trouble free and straightforward. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and support we received from OriginLab.

Pete Babic
Data Systems Manager

Case Western Reserve University

Yet again Origin and OriginPro upholds its foremost status as the best purposeful and all-embracing data analysis and graphing software on the market. Although other software packages exist, few are as straightforward to use, flexible, and high-quality when it comes to performing challenging data analysis or creating publication superior graphs.

Keith J. Stevenson
Professor of Chemistry

The University of Texas at Austin

Origin lets you zoom in on an an area of the plot easily without having to rescale manually. I also love the data reader feature where you can follow a line or curve and view the exact coordinate values. Thanks for an awesome product!

Rebecca, R&D Chemist 3

Champion Technologies

When working with many data points, graphing is often the quickest way to qualify data and identify trends. With the Origin statistics gadget, it's also easy to pull quantitative information, such as mean and standard deviation, straight from a data plot. This lets me make better decisions about which data to select for more detailed analysis.

Boaz Vilozny - Postdoctoral Researcher

University of California at Santa Cruz

A heartfelt thank you to OriginLab for creating an enormously powerful scientific graphing program simple enough that a 12-year old middle school student can quickly and easily produce professional quality scientific graphs. A two time First Place winner of the Florida State Science and Engineering Fair and a two time national Finalist in the Broadcom MASTERS national science talent search, the OriginPro graphing software has been a key ingredient to my daughter's Science Fair success. At 13-years old, my daughter's research manuscript has been accepted for publication in a top tier peer-reviewed Environmental Science journal and OriginPro 8.6 will allow her to export the graphs in a wide variety of formats which can meet any publisher's requirements. Kudos to OriginLab for designing innovative and intuitive software that can span the needs of both a burgeoning young scientist like my daughter to a PhD expert in their field. It is hard to imagine that other products offer this extraordinary level of user versatility.

Michael Grimmett, MD, FACP, FACS

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“Great product. I have only had the product for 2 weeks and find that it is easy to use, very powerful and that data presentation is very flexible. The help videos on the Origin website are very useful to show you how to quickly use the features of the software product. ”

David Bakst
Operations Director

Sabien Technology Ltd

“I am very satisfied with Origin. I think Origin is an excellent plotting tool. Its capabilities are vast, diverse, and beyond my needs. I appreciate the fact that almost anything on a plot can be adjusted according to a desired preference.”

Matthew D. Sena

Sandia National Laboratories

“Looking online for a software that would perform the particular task we need at the moment (resolution of overlapped Gaussian-shaped peaks), I was glad to find out that a fully functional trial version of OriginPro was made available by your company. Also, watching one of the tutorial videos, all commands and short-cuts I needed to get my results were shown there. Very handy and a time-saver.”

Mauricio Morais,LCT, M.Sc.
Sr. Research Assistant - NEPS Lab

Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at TUFTS University

This year, I had the honor and pleasure to organize the inaugural 2014 Gordon Research Seminar on Synaptic Transmission, a meeting organized by and for graduate students and post-docs. To ensure this meeting's success, I sought help from OriginLab. I chose to reach-out to OriginLab for several reasons: their analysis software is user-friendly (I've been using OriginPro now for more than 7 years); the staff is super nice and very resourceful (e.g. registering new products, answering questions related to upgrades, troubleshooting difficult types of analyses, etc); and, most importantly, they listen to their users (OriginLab welcomes user feedback so they can improve their products). Thankfully, OriginLab provided a very generous contribution to the Seminar that enabled graduate student speaker and discussion leader attendance. In addition, OriginLab offered an awesome incentive "prize" to be awarded to the most active and engaging participant at the meeting. The prize, a complete OriginPro 9.1 package, which is their most advanced analysis software to-date, was awarded to Theanne Griffith of Northwestern University! As an OriginPro 9.1 user, I can firmly state that Theanne and others will be pleasantly surprised by the improved software features which now include new graph types, analyses, time saving options, as well as a host of statistical analyses. It has been a pleasure working with OriginLab, and I look forward to a long-lasting and productive relationship!

Thomas J. Younts, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“I have been extremely happy with Origin. I found it easy to get started with. Although I am still probably only using a fraction of its abilities, the tech support and forum have been great at helping me to learn and use more features and to solve occasional problems.”

Prof. John W. Rudnicki

Northwestern University

“If I had to pick three software packages to take to a desert island, Origin would be at the top of the list. Not only does Origin handle the most demanding curve fitting and data analysis tasks with ease, and makes superior publication quality graphs; it also has a built in C compiler that allows me to customize complex functions - a feature that has been crucial to my research. To top it off, Originlab has a knowledgeable and responsive technical support staff, second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend Origin.”

Mark Kuzyk, Ph.D.
Regents Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Washington State University

“I have been using Originlab as my preferred statistical program to analyze and prepare my fluorescence data for poster and article presentations. The learning curve is steep ( I am sure I have been using only 1% of its capabilities) but the versatile interface between the statistical analysis operations and the subsequent data presentation represents a superlative combination in one program.”

Luke Michaelson
PhD Graduate Student

University of Maryland School of Nursing

“I have used Origin for many years. It gives me the ability to control every aspect of the graph I am creating. This flexibility combined with its statistical tools have made Origin an indispensable part of my daily work.”

Scott Jackson, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist

North American Regulatory Strategy and Stewardship BASF Corporation

I work with single-channel electrical recordings (nanofluidics), where we often need to look at overall trends as well as rapid signal perturbations. Using Origin, I can rapidly import pClamp files and start analyzing data right away. It's easy to get a snapshot of the data, then zoom in and analyze specific events. When the analysis is done, Origin is also my choice for creating beautiful, publication-quality graphical displays.

Boaz Vilozny
Postdoctoral Researcher

University of California at Santa Cruz

“Origin is the best software for data analysis and graphics, that I have ever used.”

Septimiu (Tim) Balascuta


“Origin has always been one of the most powerful packages for data analysis and graphing. With the new multi-sheet workbook's full formatting features and its ability to embed both images and graphs, OriginLab is moving a big step forward. From raw data to final professional report creation, you can now keep all the stages of data processing in a single software.”

Antoine Couturier, Ph.D.
Service Recherche

Institute National du Sport, de l'Expertise et de la Performance

“I've used Origin for years for data processing and graphing. It is well thought out, reliable, and powerful to use. The support for the product is excellent. I recommend Origin without reservation.”

Dr. Katherine Ponganis

“While skeptical at first, now having switched to Origin I know it will remain my graphing software of choice. Not only does it have an intuitive user interface, but it also has the power to quickly and efficiently complete all of my graphing needs. Origin is the best graphing software available. Period.”

Mr. Kevin Clark

University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign

“I began using Origin because of its versatility in the varied experimental work that we do, from electrophysiology to clinical studies. I have stayed with Origin because of the high level of statistical expertise and customer service that we get from technical support staff.”

Dr. Pamela Flood
Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care

University of California, San Francisco

“Origin has become the de facto standard for archiving and analysis of experimental data in the field of condensed matter physics.”

Dr. C.M. Roland

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Note: These opinions are personal opinions and do not imply any statement, endorsement or preference of the United States Naval Research Laboratory.

“I have used Origin since 1995. It was the quickest plotting and analysis program to learn to use. There were others I tried, who boasted of their capabilities, but would have required an investment of 4 weeks to achieve some level of expertise. I probably spent part of a week learning to plot in Origin.
I used Origin heavily for statistical analyses and for plotting the effects of solar radiation in space on glass covers for satellite solar cells. I especially liked the ability to embed a small plot within another.
If I were a better mathematician, I could use more of the many features of the program!
And, there is nothing I can imagine which cannot be accomplished in Origin.”

Mr. John K. Murphy

Murphy Technical Services

“The work of a scientist heavily depends on graphic presentation and statistical analysis of data. For the past 10 years, I have used exclusively Origin to prepare figures for over 40 manuscripts that have been published in scientific journals with strict academic requirements.
Although there are other useful software packages, such as SlideWritePlus, SigmaPlot and MS Excel, I cannot envision my work without the help of OriginLab. Hence, I would like to thank the team that has created perhaps the most complete scientific software, as well as for the support they continue to provide.”

Detcho A. Stoyanovsky, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh

“Origin 8 combines powerful analysis with impressive graphing capabilities. Multi-page workbook concept has significantly simplified handling multiple data sets. Efficient and flexible programming, LabTalk and Origin C, is extremely helpful in the data manipulation. Being familiar with all leading scientific software programs, I think Origin is the best. Origin is developed by a very dynamic team that listens to its customers and constantly improves the program.”

Professor Ruslan Prozorov
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Iowa State University

“With the introduction of the pCLAMPFile class, accessible via OriginC, OriginPro 8 has become a platform for development and analysis that pClamp users should take seriously.”

Charles J. Frazier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmacodynamics and Neuroscience

University of Florida

“I am very happy with Origin 8. The OriginLab technical support staff has been very helpful in helping me better understand how to use Analysis Templates. I now use an Analysis Template to automatically create a histogram and perform Gaussian fits to my multiple-peak cosmic ray data. The Analysis Template enables me to automatically process these datasets without knowing a programming language.”

William Binns, Ph.D.
Department of Physics

Washington University

“I have been using Origin since 1991, and have found it to be the fastest and most efficient tool for creating graphics. The new version of OriginPro 8 adds additional statistical features that are extremely useful, as well as the ability to add Sparklines that allows me to see trends in data before formal graphs are made. This allows me to pick only the most important parameters to plot without getting bogged down in making many plots that I won't use in a final publication. In addition, the ability to have units and comments in the data sheets makes plotting much simpler.”

Dr. Michael Rosen

U.S. Geological Survey

Note: These opinions are personal opinions and do not imply any statement, endorsement or preference of the U.S. Federal government


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