Complete settings of Dendrogram are now saved to Style Holder

Version: 2024b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing


Jira: ORG-28733

  1. open attached project, PolarDendrogram.opju

  2. open PD, go to label tab, unchecked show labels for leaves only and auto hide overlapped labels, ok

  3. select plot and copy format, right click plot and open paste format(advanced),

  4. in All tree plots branch, select line branch, right click and select collapse all siblings.

  5. change distance type to branch to leaves, uncheck show root at zero, ok

  6. save template with this graph, template name is htreecir

  7. select 1st two columns in Cluster Plot Data sheet, run “wo -p 108 htreecir;”

  8. open PD with new graph, go to label tab ==> show labels for leaves only and auto hide overlapped labels are both selected

  9. save format as theme from new created plot ==> distance type is auto, show root at zero is selected

Fixed in Origin2024b.