German comma decimal separator in Axis Divide by Factor now converts to period

Version: 2024b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing


Jira: ORG-28647

  1. Change Separators combo to be 1.000,0

  2. New a sheet and fill x with row number and y with very small numbers so that scientific notation is displayed.

  3. Plot line graph and Y-axis should also have scientific notation.

  4. Go to Y-axis dialog and for “Divide by Factor”, enter the highest tick label

  5. Click OK and save Project and close Project.
    -->Tick labels change correctly.

  6. Change Separator back to 1,000.0 and reopen Project file
    ==>The Divide by Factor is ignored, tick labels are not correct, comma is not converted to period.

Fixed in Origin2024b.