Improvements made for Fill Color in 3D Waterfall Plots using Independent Mode

Version: 2024b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing


Jira: ORG-28565

  1. Open Waterfall Plots - 3D Waterfall with Line and Scatter from Learning Center (any 3D waterfall should be the same)

  2. In the Group tab of the PD dialog, set Edit Mode to be Independent.

  3. In the Pattern tab, set Fill Color to be None. Click Apply button.

==> Fill Color of all curves on graph are changed to be None

  1. Switch to the second plot in the left panel

==> The Fill Color in Pattern tab is still FAFAFA

  1. Change the Fill Color to be black, click Apply button.

==>Fill color of the second plot on graph won’t change; remains ‘None’

Fixed in Origin2024b.