Drag to auto fill now skips hidden rows

Version: 2024b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Worksheet

Jira: ORG-28505

Hidden cells will not be filled when drag to auto fill values in column.

E.g. fill column A with random numbers and add filter condition: Greater than 0.5 so some rows will be hidden in worksheet.

To fill corresponding cells in column B with text big, enter big in 1st cell of column B, then drag the bottom-right corn of the cell with big to auto fill.

Then disable filter in column A so all rows show to check effect.

Before Origin 2024b, hidden cells in column B are also filled with big, which is wrong.

In Origin 2024b, only cells that show are filled with big.

System variable @AFH is added in Origin 2024b to control the behavior. Default is 1. To roll back to old behavior, set