Range notation Improvements

Version: 2023

Type: Features

Category: Programming

Subcategory: LabTalk

Jira: ORG-25804

When using window long name in range, etc. definition, it will favor the same folder.

If user later duplicate such folder, or save the folder as opju and append to other project, etc. the script will still work fine since window long name will be kept when duplicating folder, window or appending project.

If using window short name, e.g. Book in definition, since short name must be unique in a project, the script/formula may not work well.

Example 1: Column B in Book1’s calculated by interpolate A,B in Reference book, using new X in A of Book1.

Duplicate the folder and modify reference book data, the calculation will update based on the Reference book in new folder.

Example 2: In Book2’s B1 shows x value of vertical line in graph window with long name KZ LL

Duplicate the folder. The graph window in new folder will have same long name. Therefor the var:// link refers vertical line in graph of same folder. Move vertical line. Press F5 to see update in workbook.