Support hosting user apps on customer server

Version: 2022b

Type: Features

Category: Miscellaneous


Jira: ORG-23458

If user have a series in-house use apps, he want to store it in server, and hope origin will get update from his own server, then he may use this feature.

  1. To user this feature, client user should first setup app server path to Origin.ini.

  • Manually Add server path to origin.ini

path = \\network\a\b\c\
  • App maker can also add CustomServer key in Package section of package.ini , and Origin will set path key in AppsStorage section of Origin.ini during app installation

CustomServer =\\network\a\b\c\

2. Install in-house use app in client origin.

3. Publish higher version app to app server path.

4. Client user will see the update info(red dot) in app icon after restart origin.

5. Right click on app icon and select Download and Install Update to get new version app.