Better treatment of none existing substitution notation in text label

Version: 2022b

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Labels and Legend

Jira: ORG-24901

  • Set set axis title as %(?Y,@LL) %(?Y,@LD1) (%(?Y,@LU)), which means show Y plot’s <long name> <user-defined parameter1> (<units>)

In previous versions, if user-defined parameter doesn’t exist, it will show <long name> ### (<units>)

In Origin 2022b, it will show <long name> (<units>). //note that extra spaces show

  • Introduced new escape sequence to represent conditional space \sc.

So use %(?Y,@LL)\sc%(?Y,@LD)\sc(%(?Y,@LU)), it will show <long name> (<units>) if no user-defined parameter