Insert image from worksheet cell or image window to graph

Version: 2022b

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Labels and Legend

Jira: ORG-21668

  • For image in worksheet cell, use the following syntax to show it in graph

\cell([book1]1!A[1]) = col A, row 1
\cell([book1]1!col(C)[2]) = col C, row2 
\cell(alpha,200) = cell defined by alpha, width=200 logical pixel
\cell(alpha,h=300) = cell defined by alpha, height=300 logical pixel
  • Show Smile Image in Graph

Copy smile image in worksheet cell and then in Graph, add Text, in the text object, right click to Paste Link. Or use menu Edit: Paste Link.

  • Show Image window in Graph

\img(Image1) = Image1
\img(Image1,200) = Image1, width=200 logical pixel
\img(Image1,h=300) = Image1, height=300 logical pixel