Failure to use data connector once import filter is saved

Version: 2022b

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Import

Jira: ORG-24601

Improvements on last page of Import Wizard to save oif.

  • Change the default Filter file name to be same as import file name. When multiple files are imported, use 1st file name.

  • Improve the control name and hint e.g. rename the “Specify data file names to which this filter will be associated….” to be Applicable File

  • Auto fill applicable file with file name with wild card* so user can import all files starting with beginning part of file name

Add Use Connector option in Select Filter dialog.

By default Origin users data connector to import data. But if user used import wizard, etc. and saved multiple filter file *.oif under User Files\Filters\ folder, in the past, select Filter dialog will show for user to pick which filter to use. There is no way to use Data Connector anymore. In Origin 2022,