LT access on ROI object

Version: 2022

Type: Features

Category: Programming

Subcategory: LabTalk

Jira: ORG-24017


layer.ROI(append, type, width, optn)
//append=0,-1,1, type=0(rect),1(horizontal),2(vertical),width=0(ignor), optn=1(no resize)


layer.ROI(); //default adding in the middle of the window
layer.ROI(-1); //delete all ROIs
layer.ROI(1); //append new ROI
layer.ROI(1,2,3,1); //append new SPAN layer vertical ROI 3 pixel width and disable resizing


For matrix layer, when Region of Interest Tools option is on, “draw -n ObjName -b“ will create ROI object instead.