HTML Report in Notes Window

Version: 2019b

Type: Features

Category: Miscellaneous

Subcategory: Origin Workspace

Jira: ORG-13029

  • Support HTML and Markdown language in Note window, 
  • Toggle Notes window between Render mode or normal mode (Ctrl+M)
  • System variable to set preferred language when pressing Ctrl+M. @NPS, 0 means HTML, 1 means Markdown
  • Note can be saved/exported to disk including all related elements such as images in a subfolder
  • New HTML main menu with Notes is active, plus context menu on Notes window title. Main menu has "Load..." with pre-shipped samples.
  • It will auto detect if the loaded file is HTML or Markdown
  • Support print HTML Style Notes window
  • HTML code can link to graphs, worksheet cells, string registers, etc either directly or using a Placeholder worksheet

HTML field codes:

  • Direct Links
    • {{str://%X%G.opju}}   -- current project name
    • {{cell://[Book1]Sensor01!B[4]}}  --- B4 value in Book1, Sensor01 sheet.
    • <img alt="{{graph://Graph1}}" width="500">
    • {{table://sheet1!}} — sheet1 or current book, {{table://[Book1]FitNL1!Parameters}} — parameters table of fitting result sheet FitNL1 in Book1  
  • Placeholders, like {{SlopeValue}}. Right click Notes window title and choose Edit Placeholder... to open the worksheet. Follow instruction there