Speedy Fit

Version: 2019b

Type: Features

Category: Analysis

Subcategory: Fitting

Jira: APPS-667

Download Speedy Fit app from the page and install the app.

This app can be used to fit a large number of datasets from a worksheet sequentially and speedily, and create a simple report table of parameter values and fit statistics.

Features include:

  • Fit all XY (YErr) datasets in the active worksheet

  • Perform linear, polynomial and nonlinear fit using different algorithms

  • Preview of fitted curve for current dataset with 95% confidence band and 95% prediction band

  • Select a built-in or user-defined function for nonlinear fit

  • Three choices for parameter initialization for nonlinear fit:

    • Initialize each dataset independently

    • Use fit values from previous dataset as initial parameter values for next dataset

    • Use custom (user-specified) initial parameter values for all datasets

  • Output parameter values, standard errors, dependencies etc and also output fit statistics including fit status

  • Output the fitted curve, and allow go through each dataset by the navigation buttons on the fitted curve graph

  • Use metadata elements such as long name or comments as dataset identifier in the output sheet