Color Picker XF needed

Version: 2019

Type: Features

Category: Programming

Subcategory: X-Functions

Jira: ORG-18678

  • X-Function Colors is added to open colors dialog to get screen pixel HEX color

    int result;colors result;result=;
    colors p:=1;
    colors p:=1 i:=color(#1F4DB4);
    colors v1 i:=color(#1F4DB4); //result is in v1
  • LT command ed -c <color> to open Colors dialog with color selected as default, where color is the same single argument that you can pass to color function. For example

    ed -c #253dcf; 
    ed -c red;
  • OC function Colorsbox added as

    bool ColorsBox(COLORREF* pcr);
  • LabTalk function ocolor2rgb to convert color to RGB

    int ocolor2rgb(int ocolor);