LabTalk:  New command to turn on audit log for all projects.

Version: 2018b

Type: Features

Category: Programming

Subcategory: Labtalk

Jira: ORG-17642

new LT command

doc -log1; //turns on for current project with empty password doc -log1 test;//turns on for current project with password = "test" doc -log0 test;//turns off for current project
doc.AuditLog=; //(ready-only )returns 1 or 0 AuditLog is on/off for the current project.
New system variable that is Registry based added
In Script Window, run
@ALOG=1;//turn on Audit log on New project (untitled)

You can also preset this in msi installer script to set registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OriginLab\Origin 9.5b\International\SysV\ALOG
with a DWORD value of 1