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Nuclear magnetic resonance data processing for Origin .

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This tool can only work in versions lower than Origin 2019b or higher than Origin 2022b.

FEATURES Import 1D & 2D data (FID or spectrum) MacNMR, NTNMR, FIDCSI, XWINNMR, MSL, CMXW, Spinsight, VNMR and more. 1D processing (either dimension) Baseline correction, left|right shift, apodize, zero fill, FT, IFT, Hadamard transform, phase adjust, SNR and more. 2D processing Transpose, slice selection, coaddition, phase cycling and more. ONMR Features (Origin 7.0 and higher) Faster importing and processing with Origin C. Undo button for ONMR operations. Batch processing, multiple curve fitting, peak detection, integration. Dual display for comparing, adding or subtracting FIDs or spectra. Import preview (Origin 7.5 or higher). REQUIREMENTS Origin 8.x or Origin 9.x INSTALLATION Download the file, extract it and find the onmr8.opx file. Run onmr8.opx by double-clicking the file name or dragging it to Origin's program window. OPERATION Select Help > ONMR to open ONMR's manual. SAMPLE DATA contains samples of importable NMR data. You can extract its files to any location but the data will be easier to find and import if you preserve the ZIP file's directory structure. For Origin version earlier than 8.0, you can refer to the NMR tools created by Michael Buess in File Exchange as listed below:


v6.51 9/28/2022 Fixed errors and support to import multiple times.
v6.5 6/9/2020 Updated to be compatible with Origin 2020 and higher versions.

Reviews and Comments:
01/26/2024c.caponioHi, I installed the tool but I am not able to run it. In the folder of my NMR data I have a lot of files (with different format type), which one should I select to be run? And according to what do I chose Bruker top spin or Varian/Agilent when it asks for data type?

02/28/2023OriginLabHi T_Swebocki,

Have you checked your Origin version? The app requires a version lower than Origin 2019b or higher than Origin 2022b. If it is not the issue, would it be possible for you to share your data file so we can investigate the problem? You can submit a new ticket:

02/28/2023T_SwebockiI am unable to open any sort of FID file (recorded by trucker)

08/14/2020arafatkhanorigin 2017, 2019 32 bit version are not working with import of multiple data opening in one origin file.

02/27/2019maivuongDisappointed by the package. Import the spectrum does not work properly. The interface is difficult to use. The manual has the information but does not help.