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Generate the word cloud image from the provided data

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This App can help to generate the word cloud image from the provided data, which is either raw data or indexed data.

Note: This App should work with a Python Package wordcloud, its dependent packages (including six, pyparsing, pytz, python_dateutil and matplotlib), and Python Package fontTools.  When you run this app for the first time, it will detect and auto-install the dependent packages if they aren’t installed.


The App consists of two panels, the left panel is for the options used to control the generated word cloud image, while the right panel is for previewing the word cloud.

Word List Section

  • Data Type Radio button – Click the button to select which data type you are going to use to create the word cloud. Raw Data is a column of words, while Indexed Data is an XY dataset in which X data is the words and Y data is the words’ frequencies.
  • Word List – Click the triangle button to select the column(s) or click … button to open Column Browser and then select the column(s).

Settings Section

  • Limit - Click the checkbox to enable the textbox, then enter a number to cut off the word list.
  • ColorMap - Select colormap to randomly draw color for each word.
  • Font -  Select font family to draw from the drop-down list.
  • Max Font Size - Specify the maximum font size for the largest word.
  • Image Width – Specify the width of the word cloud image.
  • Image Height – Specify the height of the word cloud image


  • Preview – Click to preview the generated word cloud image in the right panel (the Preview panel).
  • OK – Click to output the word cloud image to a matrix book in Origin.
  • Cancel – Click to cancel the generation and close the dialog.

Preview Options

  • Auto Preview – Tick the Auto Preview checkbox to update the preview in Preview panel automatically if the settings are changed.
  • 100% Size – Tick the 100% Size checkbox to restore the preview to 100% view, or this app will help to zoom out to show the whole word cloud image in Preview panel.


v1.75 Suppress warnings in Python 3.11
v1.70 Improve to check if the selected font supports the character
v1.50 Changes due to improved Python support in Origin 2021
v1.10 Changes due to the current embedded Python in Origin updated to 3.7.2

Reviews and Comments:
11/22/2021HansyoriginExpecting the next update comes with user-defined shape, or is this possible?

11/22/2021OriginLabHi SHI yafei, like the hint said, please select a font that supports Chinese, like Microsoft YaHei.

OriginLab Technical Support

11/20/2021SHI yafeiA(X)

Fail:Fail to draw word cloud.Please select a font that supports the characters.
Auto Preview Preview OK Cancel

11/20/2021SHI yafeiX轴不支持中文,

03/18/2021JianboJouleWonderful! Does it work for Chinese vocabulary?

03/16/2021ErkudenGoikoetxeaVery useful, thanks!

04/13/2020zeng yu