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Batch modify fonts in a graph.

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Download the file Font Changer.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

With a graph activated, click the icon to open the dialog. 


Set scale factors of all layers to 1: 

Clicking this button will set the Scale Factor for ALL layers in the graph to be 1. This will then result in the true font size and the display size to be exactly the same. Then you can set the font to any desired size, and the setting will apply uniformly to all selected items in the dialog, across all layers.

It is recommended that you click this button. You can always Undo to see the difference.
If you do not set all scale factors to 1, then the font size you set in this dialog will still be applied. The App will scale the font size up or down so that the actual size is closest to the size you set in the dialog.

Explanation: When a graph layer is resized, objects inside the layer such as text labels get scaled up or down. This is the default behavior in Origin, and it is controlled by the Scale Elements setting at the Layer level in Plot Details dialog. For example, a text object with font size of 10 may then get scaled down to an effective size of 5.2 when the layer size is made smaller. This can cause confusion as the set size and the actual display size will differ, particularly when the graph has multiple layers and each layer may have a different scale factor.

Apply font change to:
Select desired text items in the graph that should be modified, such as axes labels, axes titles, legends, plot labels and other text objects. 

Font: Select the desired font.
Size: Select the desired size.

Preview: View result in preview window of the dialog.
Create: Creates a new graph with the modified font sizes. The original graph is left as it is. 


To set ALL text labels in a (multi-layer) graph to same size:

  1. Click the Set scale factors of all layers to 1 button
  2. Check the Select all check box under Apply font changes to
  3. Select desired font type and font size
  4. Press Preview button to view the changes in the dialog preview panel
  5. Press Create button



v 1.1: Fixed issues with layer scale factor and legend fonts
v 1.2: Allow entering font size.
v 1.3: Fix bugs
v 1.4: Select layer(s) to apply format, type in font size, Apply to current graph and all graphs in the folder.
v 1.5: Allow change font and size separately.
v 1.51: Fix bugs
v 1.6: Fix bug of failure in JOS

Reviews and Comments:
05/16/2024crepido-imperatorA nice tool in theory, but who got the idea that only origin pro useds might have issues with aligning fonts?

09/05/2023xuan.liang.e3After I installed it, "failed to load the dialog" appeared whenever I clicked on it. I tried reinstalling, but it's still the same, can I ask why?

08/09/2023OriginLabHi wang_zbin and kuairun,
We will release a new version(1.51) to fix the problem of font selection failure soon.

08/07/2023wang_zbinThe font selection column is blank, and the font cannot be changed, only the font size can be selected.

06/18/2023OriginLabHi kuairun,
What do you mean “no fonts to choose”? When you click “Font” drop-down, do you see any fonts in the list?

06/16/2023kuairunThere are no fonts to choose.

11/26/2022Zhang Ping