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Mark outliers on graphs or worksheet columns

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To run the app, start with a worksheet column or a single scatter plot.

Click the app icon to launch the dialog.

  • When scatter plot is selected:
  1. Select outlier searhing method, set a confidence level if needed.
  2. Click Mask to mask the points in the preview window.
  3.  Click OK to apply the change. Click Cancel to restore the graph.
  • When a numeric worksheet column is selected:
  1. Select outlier searhing method, set a confidence level if needed.
  2. Check Outlier Indicator checkbox to generate a indicator column.
  3. Click OK to apply the change. 

Note that Grubbs, Dixon and Iterative Grubbs methods look only at the Y data values, whereas Linear Regression needs both X and Y values to determine the outliers.


v1.1 supports finding outliers of a certain column in a worksheet.
v1.2 Bug fixed.

Reviews and Comments:
12/07/2020vghazikhanianThat is correct. For example in your linear regression fitting, a data outside 2 sigma band is selected as outlier. I would like to be able to set the width of the 2 sigma band to an arbitrary value (e.g., 2.5 sigma or 3 sigma etc.).

12/07/2020yimingc@vghazikhanian, do you mean you wants the outliers beyond the confidence band with certain sig level?

12/04/2020vghazikhanianI would like to be able to vary the confidence interval for the outlier detection.

01/26/2018Hideo FujiiBy the way, could you please try to upgrade your Origin 2017(Sr0) to Sr1. This may also solve the problem.

01/26/2018Hideo FujiiHi Derowa89,
I tried several ways, but I couldn't reproduce the problem. The dialog appeared fine. If you are using multiple monitors, then not in the second monitor? Or, can you check the following Registry entry in the left panel of the registry editor?
Computer> HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> OriginLab> [[Your Origin ver. e.g. Origin 9.5]]> International> Dialog> Outlier Detector
If you find this entry, you can delete this entry (by selecting it and presssing DEL key) so that the dialog will be regenerated with the default size and position. If else, you can tell us more about your computer environment - mail to .
--Hideo Fujii, OriginLab

11/22/2017Derowa89Its not working. The dialog did not open.