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Create graphs using multiple Cloneable Templates that match your worksheet.

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  • Purpose
    Cloneable templates are graph templates that match your worksheet's data structure. In Origin, you need to select one cloneable template at a time, to create graphs.
    This tool allows you to select multiple cloneable templates and create graphs using all selected templates.
    Download the file "Cloneable Template Plotter.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.
  • Operation
    Click the app icon from the Apps gallery window. The dialog offers the following controls:.
    1. Available Worksheets: This combobox will list all the available worksheets in the project. Select the desired worksheet.
    2. Select Cloneable Template From List for Plotting:  This control will list all templates that match the selected worksheet.
      By default, templates in User Files Folder and Group Folder will be listed.
      Click to select/deselect an entry.
    3. Select All, Deselect All: These two buttons allow quick selection/deselection of all entries in the list.
    4. Scan...:  Use this button to scan for templates that may be located in other folders. 
    5. Plot: Plot the worksheet data with ALL of the selected templates.
    6. Cancel: Close the dialog and do nothing.


v1.1: Support for template created by Origin 2018

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01/20/2017892801921@qq.comI want to try.