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Provide ternary plot templates for soils and rocks.

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This app is to provide you a few popular ternary plot templates to show the relative compositions of soils and rocks.


Download the opx file and then drag and drop it into Origin workspace to install it. A new app icon named Predefined Soil and Rock Templates will be added to your Apps Gallery.


  1. Select a proper template for your texture analysis from Templates list.
  2. Select the desired line width and line color from Boundary drop-down lists.
  3. Select the desired color list and control the transparency when Fill Area to Each Section checkbox is selected.
  4. Control if show labels or not via Show Label checkbox.
  5. Select how to normalize the data from Normalize list.
  6. Click Apply button to append a folder named with the selected classification, which includes the triangle plot template and its source workbook, to the current folder.
  7. Click Cancel button to close the dialog.


  1. If you introduce a template to your project but you desire to move the label to a new position, please use Ctrl + click to select one label and then drag it to the new position.
  2. If you desire to add a new plot to the template, please go the following page and find a method you like:

This app includes support for USDA classification and a few of IUGS classifications. If you need more templates, please advise us.


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v1.18 add a new template, and support to add custom templates
v1.1 fix bugs in Origin 2021

Reviews and Comments:
03/30/2023feldspathicThis seems to only produce the diagram itself and not allow for plotting of data points.


12/04/2020zhufeng809very good