Provide OC function to print Note window

Version: 2024

Type: Features

Category: Programming

Subcategory: Origin C

Jira: ORG-27728

For example:

1.Make sure a third party PDF application(like Adobe Reader) is installed, and set it as default app for pdf file.

2.Compile following oc code in Code Builder, and run NotesPage_Print_ex1.

void NotesPage_Print_ex1()
	PageBase pg = Project.ActivePageBase();
    if( pg )
        Tree tree;
        tree.Pdf.FileName.strVal = "C:\\test.pdf";
        //0: print to pdf then print to the default printer
        //1: print to pdf only
        tree.Pdf.PrintMode.nVal = 1;
        BOOL bResult = pg.Print(tree);