Internal and LabTalk access for graphic object drawing order

Version: 2024

Type: Features

Category: Programming

Subcategory: LabTalk

Jira: ORG-26310

Syntax: obj.order

Graphic object drawing order.

0x000F mask: 0 = all plots, 1 = plot group, 2 = individual plot, 3 = ref lines

0x00F0 mask: index (0-offset), only for plot group and individual plots cases

0x0100 = before, if not set, then it is after



The rectangle will be drawn after the fifth dataplot: digit 4 is 0-offset dataplot index (which means it is the 5th dataplot), digit 2 at the end means individual dataplots.


The rectangle will be drawn before the second group plot: first digit 1 means before, second digit 1 is 0-offset index, the third digit 1 means plot group (which gives the meaning to the index: it is the index of the group).


The rectangle will be drawn after the reference lines. The first digit 0 (can be omitted) means after, the second digit 0 is not used (because the third digit is 3), the digit 3 at the end means reference lines.