Fail to filter menu in data slicer panel on graph window

Version: 2024

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing


Jira: ORG-27244

In the past, when source data is changed, data filter in data slicer panel will not update accordingly. Example:

  1. New a worksheet, import Categorical Data.dat under samples Graphing folder, make scatter plot with col(B).

  2. Select some range with data highlighter tool, Add category “B“ by Create Categories button in mini toolbar.

  3. Add filter to categories group column in worksheet, go to graph, add data slicer by page mini toolbar.

  4. Select other range, click create categories button in mini toolbar and create category “B”.

  5. click data filter in data slicer to show filter menu.

  6. ==>only ”A” and “undefined“ are shown, “B“ is not shown

Origin provide two way to force to update filter since Origin2024.

  • “Update Filter” context menu in data slicer panel

  • page -fd 1;