Relative Additional Line should show when 1st line is outside of scale range

Version: 2024

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing


Jira: ORG-27218

  1. New worksheet, fill xyyy with random data, plot vertical drop line

  2. Open Plot Details dialog, go to Stack tab, set stack to auto, select custom additional line by relative position, ok

  3. Open axis dialog--> note Y from -0.1.

  4. Go to grid tab of vertical, set Y=-0.2 for additional line, ok. drop line drop to relative position

==> But additional lines for relative position do not show. If we set Y from -0.2, then lines will show. We should show relative additional line in such case if the relative position is within scale range. This issue exists when we not show additional line outside of axis range from Origin 2022b