Origin 9.1 Highlights
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Origin 9.1 Highlights

We have added over 200 new features and improvements in this version. The following sections highlight some of the new features.

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Support for Grouping in Box Plot and Column Plot

Grouped Box Chart and Other Improvements
Grouped Column Plots

New and Improved Graph Types

3D OpenGL Waterfall Piper Diagram Improved Polar Plot

3D OpenGL based Waterfall plot with controls to rotate, skew and shear the plot. The Y-axis can be displayed either on the front or the back plane.

Piper plot with option to show TDS and customize gap between the ternary and rhombus layers.

Improved Polar Plot with ability for custom angular scale units, custom orientation, non-zero axis center, and cropped axes.

100% Stacked Column/Bar Plots Marginal Histogram/Box Chart 3D Ternary Surface

100% Stacked Column Plot with connect lines between columns.

Marginal Histogram/Box Chart displaying distribution and correlation between two datasets.

3D Ternary Surface plot with contour projection on bottom plane.

New Axis Dialog and Other Graph Customization

Multiple Axis Breaks / Axis Break, No Gap Multiple Special Ticks / Tick Improvements User-Defined Axis Scale Type
Smart Labels - Auto Position of Data Labels with Leader Line Custom Incremental Symbol Lists

Time-Saving Features

Column Formula Label Row Batch Plotting
Copy & Paste Operation Gadgets: Batch Analysis

Set preferences for analysis on one data plot, then generate output for all curves in graph layer or graph page.

New Analysis Features

Partial Least Square Regression Rank Fitting Models
2D Integration Gadget Lowess & Loess Smoothing

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View Key Features by Version table.
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