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OriginPro offers all of the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools in the following areas:

Peak Fitting
The Peak Analyzer tool in OriginPro provides the additional capability of finding and fitting multiple peaks in your spectra. Baseline anchor points can be customized and fit with a suitable fitting function, and the baseline fitting can be included as part of the final peak fitting process. A detailed Fit Control dialog is provided to control all aspects of peak fitting including mixed peak functions, peak centers and widths, sharing parameters, and imposing bounds and linear constraints on parameters. Graphical as well as tabular results are generated as part of the final fit report.

Surface Fitting
OriginPro can fit a 3D surface to XYZ data points. The surface and data points can be displayed together, including droplines from the points to the surface.

OriginPro expands on the statistical analysis capabilities of Origin by providing additional tools for Descriptive Statistics, Discrete Frequency Counting, Normality Tests, Correlation Analysis, One-way and Two-way Repeated Measures ANOVA, Principal Component Analysis, Hierarchical Cluster and Discriminant Analysis, many Nonparametric Tests such as Friedman ANOVA and Two-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test and Mann-Whitney Test, Survival Analysis tools including Weibull Fit and Cox Proportional Hazard Model, ROC Curves, and Power and Sample Size Tests.

Signal Processing
Advanced signal processing features in OriginPro include Short-Time FFT (STFT), Hilbert Transform, Coherence, 2D FFT and 2D FFT-based Filtering, 2D Correlation, and Wavelet analysis.

Gadgets provide a quick and easy way to perform exploratory analysis on data plotted in a graph. OriginPro provides three additional gadgets: Cluster, 2D Integration, and Rise Time.

Image Processing
OriginPro offers more ways to handle your image data, including alpha blending, pixel logic, morphological filtering, and interpolated background subtraction.

Fit multiple peaks individually, fit the baseline, and fit the composite curve.

Peak Analysis:
Multi-Peak Fitting with Residuals

Automatically find multiple peaks
and deconvolute overlapping peaks

Fit a surface to three-dimensional data.

3D Curve Fitting:
Surface Fitting with Droplines

Apply transparency to the fit surface to
better see the relationship between the
fit and the data

Survival curve with confidence intervals.

Statistics: Survival Analysis
Choose from three widely-used survival
function models: Kaplan-Meier, Cox,
or Weibull

Signal Processing: Short-Time FFT
Visualize the frequency distribution of
time variant signals

Gadget: Cluster Gadget
The Cluster Gadget performs simple statistics
on a region of interest (ROI) in a graph.

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