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Annual Maintenance Service

The first year of maintenance is included in the purchase price of all license types. The second and third years of maintenance are available at 20% of the current license list price.


(US, Canada only. For other countries, please contact your Origin Distributor)

Time of Purchase

Cost (% of Product List Price)

On-time renewal of maintenance


After expiration date


Purchase a Renewal

Contact us to renew your maintenance.


Note: For countries other than US/Canada, please contact your Origin Distributor as some benefits such as Technical Support period may be different.


Product Upgrades and Support

Free Software Upgrades

Free Personal Technical Support

Product Related Benefits

Free Home use license

Access to Maintenance Center on Website

Access to Beta Version of Upcoming Releases

Special Discounts

OriginLab Certified Training

OriginLab Consulting

Product discounts when the number of seats for a single license exceeds 3

Software Upgrades

OriginLab typically publishes two software upgrades per year for Origin and OriginPro. These upgrades may or may not include a major version release. Detailed information on new features introduced in each upgrade are maintained in our product Feature List and Key Features table accessible from the Products area of our website, and also on our Release Notes wiki.

How do Maintenance Customers get Upgrades?

OriginLab notifies Maintenance customers by email when upgrades are available.

  • Minor version upgrades are obtained by connecting to our Update Server from the Origin software. The upgrade is provided as a patch that is auto-applied after download. For computers without internet access, the patch can be manually downloaded from the Maintenance Center of the OriginLab website.
  • Major version upgrades are provided as new installations. The installer is provided as a download from the Maintenance Center.

Home Use License

Home-use licenses are an optional benefit of Annual Maintenance. This license is for use only on a personal desktop or notebook computer owned by an authorized user. Please contact your Origin Sales Representative for more information

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