Program custom graphing and analysis routines in Origin
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Programming in Origin

As your Origin use expands, you may want to programmatically access existing features in Origin, or add your own custom routines and tools, or communicate with Origin from other applications. To facilitate such customization, Origin provides the following programming options:

LabTalk is a scripting language native to Origin. For simple customization such as automating tasks, LabTalk is a good place to start. You can access a rich set of existing script commands and functions, including a large collection of X-Functions, to create script routines for your specific needs. Your custom script code can be easily assigned to new toolbar buttons or custom menu items.

Origin C
Origin C is an ANSI C compatible programming language, which also utilizes elements of C++ and C#. In addition to accessing all graphing and analysis features present in Origin, you can also access external DLLs and the NAG Library. Custom resorce DLLs such as dialogs and wizards created using external compilers can also be accessed in Origin C.

Origin provides an embedded Python environment, so that you can interactively run Python expressions in the Script Window of Origin. You can also run a Python file through LabTalk command, which can be easily customized as new toolbar buttons or menu items. Basic Python modules as well as user installed modules, eg., PyQt4, NumPy, SciPy, are supported in Origin, in addition Origin supplies a PyOrigin module to allow Python access to Origin objects.

The R Console or Rserve Console allows Origin users to issue R commands within the Origin environment, and transfer data between the two applications using a dialog interface. Origin also support issuing R commands from the Script Window, or running .R files .

X-Functions provide a framework for building custom tools in Origin. Simply define what controls you want in your dialog and Origin will create the tool from your definition. You can focus on the actual data processing task by providing Origin C code to be run by your tool. Once an X-Function is created, it can be placed in the Origin menu, accessed from LabTalk script, and shared with other Origin users.

Automation Server
Origin can be accessed as an automation server from client applications such as LabVIEW, Excel, MATLAB, and custom tools built using Visual Basic or Visual C++ .NET. Data can be streamed into Origin, and tools in Origin such as Gadgets can be used on the graphed data to perform online analysis. Post analysis of data can also be performed by pushing data into Analysis Templates.

Developer Kit
The Developer Kit is a built-in capability in Origin, allowing you to access complex dialog boxes, floating tools and wizard resources created using external compiles such as Microsoft Visual C++. Resource elements can then be accessed and controlled from Origin C. Custom tools can be packaged with associated files using Origin's Package Manager tool. End user can simply drag and drop the package in Origin to add the custom capability.

Orglab is a freely distributed component DLL for directly creating or modifying Origin Project (.OPJ) and other Origin file types. This is available as a free download, and does not require Origin to be installed on your computer. This enables equipment manufacturers to output their data as Origin-readable files. End users can then perform post analysis of the data using their own installation of Origin.

Use LabTalk script to define functions as well as access variables, worksheet data, and graphs.

LabTalk Script

Use the Developer Kit to construct customized dialogs.

Origin C + Developer Kit

Create your own X-Functions for custom analysis, complete with dialog interface and preview window; even put them into the product menu.


Access Origin as an Automation Server to interface with applications such as LabVIEW™.

Automation Server


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