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9.3.4 Match Modifiers by (for template and copy format)

Some Origin plot attributes can be modified by linking the attribute to a worksheet column of values. This entails creating a plot and then using controls in Plot Details to associate the plot attribute with the modifying column. You can map to a plot modifier by column Short Name, Long Name, Units, Comments, (built-in) Parameters or UserDefined parameters using the Match Modifier by (for template and copy format) option in Plot Details.

When you create a graph from a saved template or perform a Copy/Paste Format To operation, Origin will look to the Match Modifier by (for template and copy format) setting in the source graph to determine which color-mapping or color-indexing column should apply to the target graph.

For more information on use of datasets to modify plots, see:


Copy Colormapping and Paste to Another Plot

We have two data columns Amp1, Amp2 and one column Color for color mapping. We want to plot column Amp1 as scatter using column Color as color-indexing and copy and paste the color-indexing to scatter plot made from Amp2.

Match Modifiers by 01.png

1. Firstly we plot column Ampl as scatter and set column Color as color indexing in Plot Details - Plot Properties dialog.

Match Modifiers by 02.png

2. We set the Match Modifiers by (for template and copy format) drop-down as Long Name on Miscellaneous tab in Plot Details - Page Properties dialog for plot Amp1, so that when we copy and paste the color format to another plot it will match the color-indexing using column's Long Name.

Match Modifiers by 03.png

3. Now you can simply copy the format of plot Amp1 and paste it to plot Amp2 to apply the color-indexing.

Match Modifiers by 04.png

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