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Image Processing

Origin offers a collection of easy-to-use tools for your general Image Processing needs.

The tools provide an intuitive interface with the option to save custom settings as a dialog theme for repeat use.

Most tools also provide a preview window of results based on current dialog settings.

The Image Processing tools are broadly organized in the following categories:

RGB Split(Pro Only) is performed to the original image, the R, G and B components are displayed as results.
Origin provides many easy-to-use image adjustments tools, such as brightness and contrast modification.
Histogram contrast or histogram equalization methods are available as image adjustments tools, which help to enhance image contrast.
By using image conversion, you can convert an image to matrix data, or to gray scale with ease.
To produce a monochromatic image, either convert the input image to a binary one, or use the dynamic binary(Pro Only) option.
Geometric transforms can be performed to imported images.
Spatial filters are designed to highlight or suppress features in an image based on spatial frequency.
Use a matrix as a user defined Spatial filters to improve the edges and details of an original image.
The Subtract Interpolated Background tool can be used to create a background with interpolation and subtract it.(Pro Only)
Alpha blending is normally used to add visual objects to a background image.(Pro Only)
Arithmetic Transforms can perform various mathematic calculations, such as subtracting the background from an original image. X/Y/Z offsets can be aligned before calculations.(Pro Only)
The math function tool can remap, enhance or adjust an image by applying a mathematical function to pixel values.(Pro Only)

Image Adjustments

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Gamma correction
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Invert
  • Histogram contrast
  • Histogram equalization
  • Auto level
  • Color level
  • Function lookup table
  • Leveling
  • Balance
  • Color Replace

Image Conversion

Geometric Transforms

  • Auto Trim
  • Crop
  • Flip
  • Offset
  • Resize
  • Rotation
  • Shear

Spatial Filters

  • Average
  • Clear
  • Edge
  • Gaussian
  • Median
  • Noise
  • Sharpen
  • Unsharp Mask
  • User Filter OriginPro Only

Arithmetic Transforms OriginPro Only

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