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Import CSV from a file or website.

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This App connects the Origin project to a CSV file from a file or web site. Origin 2019b or later required.


This App is pre-installed in Origin. You can launch it from the Data menu or from the App icon on the Connector tab of the Apps Gallery, located at the right-side of the Origin workspace. If you do not see the menu command or App icon, click Data: Connect to File: Add New.... The App Center opens listing only Connector Apps. Click the Download and Install button to install an App.

  • Meta data
    Meta data, including header, column name, units and comment, can be imported automatically. You can specify the settings manually as well.
    • Main header lines: number of lines that should be considered as file header. You can save it to either worksheet label area or workbook organizer.
    • Data has column name: if checked, it will read the first row next to header lines (if there's any) and import them as Long Name in the worksheet.
    • Data has units: if checked, it will read the row next to column name and import them as Units in the worksheet.
    • Comment lines after names/units: this is available if Data has column name/units is checked. You can specify the comment location either by lines after names or lines after units. There's no comment row if set to 0.
  • Data Type Detection
    This app is capable of detecting data types automatically. For example, ISO formatted date-time data (e.g. "2019-01-01 02:21:34.234") will be imported in date format. You can set the system variable @IPR = 0 in case of exceptions.
    If the data type detection does not work as expected, you may correct it before re-importing the data.
Basic Usage
  1. With the worksheet active, click on the Data menu. If you are connecting to a file on your PC or network, click Connect to File: CSV and open your file. If you are connecting to a web file, choose Data: Connect to Web and enter a URL and click OK. Check your CSV Import Options and click OK.
  2. Once a connector is added, click the connector icon in the upper-left corner of the workbook for a popup menu with various commands.
  3. By default, connector-imported data are NOT saved with the project file. To save a workbook's data with the project file, click the connector icon in the upper-left corner for that workbook and uncheck Exclude Imported When Saving. Note that each workbook has its own Exclude setting.


  • More features of Origin Data Connector are described here.


v2.65 11/8/2023 Fixed the case when heading has a single double quote.
v2.62 4/24/2023 Fixed bug on batch processing.
v2.6 10/31/2022 Supported to rename and post import script.
v2.5 11/15/2021 Supported to separate main header by fixed text.
v2.2 4/8/2021 Supported sparkline.
v2.0 10/21/2020 Supported append rows, fixed thousand separator issues.
v1.91 4/17/2020 Fixed bugs.
v1.6 10/17/2019 Multi-thread import for large file, partial/block import, better meta data options.
v1.1 4/26/2019 Fixed a bug when using LabTalk the file header like units will not be detected. For example, using script like:

wks.dc.source$=System.path.program$+"Samples\Batch Processing\T275K.csv";

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