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19 Apps for Origin

Origin 2016 introduced Origin Apps -- tools that you could easily add to your Origin installation by dropping them onto your Origin workspace. This ever-expanding collection of add-on tools is extending Origin's already-powerful graphing and analysis functionality.

Because an App is a self-contained, easily-distributed tool aimed at solving a particular problem, it can be developed and deployed quickly, sidestepping the need to wait for a new Origin product release. In addition, an App can be developed by anyone with a basic knowledge of programming in Origin, making it attractive as a means to create and distribute tools for your company or user-community.

As of the fall of 2016, most Apps can be downloaded for free. Note that some Apps require OriginPro; this will be denoted in the App description by the OriginPro Symbol.png symbol.

Where Do I Find Apps?

  • In the Origin Central dialog that opens when you run Origin (if you don't see it, press F11), there is an Apps tab. Here, you'll find recently added and updated Apps, plus popular Apps. You can double-click on an App and go directly to the App download page.
  • Choose Tools: Apps on File Exchange to see lists of Recently Added/Updated and Popular Apps. Installed Apps are shown in these lists. Click on an App to go to the App download page.
  • Your installed Apps can be viewed in the Apps Gallery, docked by default, to the right side of the Origin workspace.
  • To browse the list of available Apps directly on the OriginLab website, simply type originlab.com/fileExchange into your browser's address bar.

How Do I Install Apps?

  1. To obtain an App, click the Download File button on the App's description and download page.
  2. Installing an App is easy; simply browse to your Download folder, locate the App (the file will have a .opx extension), and drag it to an empty portion of the OriginLab workspace. Make sure you are not running Origin as administrator. If you have questions, click the How to Install link below the Download File button on the download page.
Apps How Install Button.png

How Do I Run an App?

  • Upon installation, an App icon is placed in the Apps Gallery, docked to the right side of the Origin workspace.
  • App operations may be window-specific. If the App is dimmed (grayed out), the active window cannot be operated on by the App. Check the required window type (hover on the App icon in the Apps Gallery).
  • If the Origin window type (worksheet, graph, etc.) is matched to the App, you can launch the App by double-clicking on it in the Apps Gallery.
  • If you prefer to launch the App from a toolbar button, open the Customize (Toolbars) dialog box (View: Toolbars), click the Button Groups tab, locate the App's toolbar button and drag the button to the OriginLab workspace or to an existing toolbar. Close the dialog box.
  • Specific usage information is available on the description and download page for each App.

Managing Your Apps

Use the features of the Apps Gallery to manage your Apps:

  • To browse to and install a downloaded App, click the Add Apps button and then click Yes to the prompt. Click No to go directly to the OriginLab File Exchange page.
Origin Apps Add Apps Button.png
  • Organize your Apps by adding tabs to the Gallery. Right-click in an empty portion of the Gallery and choose New Tab, then double-click on the default tab name and give the tab a useful name.

Origin Apps General Shortcut Menu.png

  • App-specific actions are performed by right-clicking directly on the App icon and choosing from the shortcut menu.
Origin Apps Shortcut Menu.png
  • Show in Folder: Opens the user's \AppData\Local\OriginLab\Apps\ folder to the App installation folder.
  • Uninstall: Uninstalls the selected App.
  • Open the File Exchange Page: Opens the App's description and download page on the OriginLab File Exchange.
  • Show All: Shows Apps from all Gallery tabs on the active tab.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the tab view.
  • Tab Views: Place or remove the checkmark beside the App to determine on which tab(s) the App shows.

Will I be Notified When Updates are Available?

  • When App updates are posted, a red dot will appear next to the App icon in the Apps Gallery.
    Origin Apps 10.png
  • Additionally, the App will appear in the Tools menu lists with an asterisk (*) in front of the App name.
    Origin Apps 06.png
  • You can verify the version of an installed App by hovering on the App in your Apps Gallery.
    Apps Hover Gallery.png
  • To update the App, visit the App description and download page, click the Download File button, browse to the file download and drag-and-drop it onto the Origin workspace.

How Do I Uninstall an App?

Uninstalling an App is easy. Right-click on the App icon in the Apps Gallery and choose Uninstall from the shortcut menu.

Can I Request an App?

As previously mentioned, Apps can be developed by anyone with Origin programming knowledge. However, if you do not program but you find that you need some particular functionality that is not currently a part of the Origin product, you can request an App through the OriginLab website. OriginLab is continually building and posting new Apps to the File Exchange.

  1. To request an App, go to this page.
  2. Set the Your Reason for Contacting Us drop down to Request an App.
  3. Fill out the remaining required fields and click the Submit Inquiry button at the bottom of the form.

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