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OpenGL based 3D functions in Origin 9.0

Klein Bottle
Whitney Umbrella
Spindle Torus
Sine Surface
<b>Rose</b>: Reproduced with permission from <a href="http://www.bugman123.com/" target="_blank" >Paul Nylander</a>
Rose: Reproduced with permission from Paul Nylander   Download this function
Roman Surface
Oblique Cylinder
Monkey Saddle
Mobius Strip
Figure-8 Klein Bottle
Figure-8 Klein Bottle   Download this function
Hyperbolic Paraboloid
Hyperbolic Paraboloid   Download this function
Hyperbolic Cylinder
Hyperbolic Cylinder   Download this function
Horn Torus
Henneberg''s Minimal Surface   Download this function
Eight Surface
Cross Cap2
Cassini Surface
Astroidal Ellipsoid
Astroidal Ellipsoid   Download this function
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