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Fit and rank multiple functions to identify best fitting model.

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This App can fit and rank multiple functions ito identify the best fitting model for your data.
The App works for XY and  XYZ data.

Download the file "Rank Models.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.

Activate a worksheet with XY columns or XYZ columns, then click the app icon. A a dialog will open for settings and preview.

Please refer to Rank Models for the detials of settings in the left panel.

Dialog Settings:

  1. Button to the right of the function Category: Open a dialog to create a category by choosing desired function.
  2. Buttons below Function List: Select or Deselect all functions from the function list.
  3. Apply button: Perform fitting with the selected functions.
  4. Table below Apply button: Show the fitting parameter values of one function (by highlighting row from the result table in the bottom right panel).
  5. Preview graph: Including Fit Graph and Residual Graph. If Apply button is not clicked yet, it shows the source graph. After clicking Apply button, it shows Fit Graph or Residaul Graph of the highlighted function in the table below. 
  6. For 3D graph from XYZ data, the 3d rotation buttons will be shown. 
  7. Result table in the bottom right panel: Show the fitting results for each function. Click one row to highlight it, so to view the fitting parameters and Fit Graph and Residual Graph.
  8. Output All, Output Current, Close, Output Result Table:
    Output All will output all the fitting results of all functions.
    Output Current will only output the fitting result of the current highlighted function.
    Close: Close the dialog.
    If Output Result Table is checked, when clicking Output All or Output Current, the results in the table above these buttons are also output.


v1.3: add buttons for selecting or deselecting all functions from function list
v1.2: fix bug for user defined fitting function in user files folder
v1.1: fix bug for creating new function category issue

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06/13/2022675879092very good

06/13/20221034048121very good


03/07/2022Lu Yunxivery good



10/16/2019kanakounoumenphisI need this app to creat a map