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With over 100 built-in graph types, Origin makes it easy to create and customize publication-quality graphs. You can simply start with a built-in graph template and then customize every element of your graph to suit your needs. Easily add additional axes, as well as multiple panels/layers to your graph page. Save your settings as a custom template for repeat use. In addition, you can do batch plotting with other dataset.

Column, Bar and Pie Charts are widely used across all fields, for their simplicity and ease of interpretation. Origin supports:

  • Basic, stacked, grouped Column & Bar chart
  • Floating Column & Bar chart
  • 3D Column chart
  • 2D pie chart
  • 3D pie chart

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Grouped stacked column plot
Grouped 100% stacked bar plot with multi-line label
Column chart with error bars and bracket objects
Floating bar chart generated from two data sets containing minimum and maximum concentration values.
3D bar graph of matrix data with transparency
Pie chart with indexed color, 3D effect, and exploding sections for clarity of minor constituents.
3D pie chart with an "exploded" slice. This chart was created in 3D and angled to appear 2D

Origin supports:

  • Line plot
  • Scatter plot (with XY Error bar, Column Scatter, Drop line, Color Map, Size Map)
  • Line + Symbol plot
  • Area plot
    • Area
    • Stacked Area
    • Fill Area

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Scatter Plot with Color and Size Mapping for Acoustic Emission Detection
3 Point Segment Graph showing the temperature trends in four quarters.
Scatter plot with error bars displayed using Fill Area option.
Line graph with area color fill.
Smart labeling with Y offest and special point
3D scatter plot with X, Y and Z error

To present multiple datasets in the same graph window, Origin provides:

  • Multi-axis graph
  • Multi-panel graph

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Multiple-Y axis plot using four curves with four different colors to depict four variables with different units.
Offset Axes Plot of a YBCO Superconductor Growth Study
Four-panel graph showing the effects of varying input parameters on the objective function drain discharge.
Panel Graph with Inset Plots of High-resolution Electron Energy-loss Spectra
Multi-panel plot shows experimental x-ray emission (XES) and absorption (XAS) spectra

Ternary and Piper diagrams are two specialized graph types with applications primarily in the geosciences and civil engineering. Origin supports

  • 2D Ternary (with Scatter or Contour)
  • 3D Ternary (with Scatter or Colormap Surface)
  • Piper chart

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Ternary chart with gradient fill for layer background, and color mapping of data points using another dataset.
Ternary Diagram of Soil Analysis Packing Fraction
Ternary contour plot with data point overlay
3D Ternary Scatter with vertical drop line
3D Ternary Surface with projection
Piper Diagram

Polar graphs are relevant to any phenomena characterized by its direction and distance from a fixed point, for example, temperature distribution in Earth's Polar Regions. Polar graphs are also useful for intuitive visualization of multivariate data. Origin features easy-to-use templates to display data and functions in polar coordinates, including radar and windrose diagrams.

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Polar plot representing four dimensions: bubble size, color, direction and distance.
Cropped polar chart with custom orientation and radian scale
Polar scatter with radial axis start at non-zero.
Overlaid polar chart with custom radial axis.
Two polar contour plots overlaid with one polar chart.

Origin's Waterfall graphs are ideal for comparing variations between multiple datasets created under similar conditions. The graph has a three-dimensional effect, enabling you to see variations in the Y or Z-direction.

  • 2D Waterfall
  • 3D Waterfall

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Waterfall Plot with Y Color Mapping
Waterfall Plot with Z Color Mapping
Waterfall plot with a single trace highlighed with different color.
3D Waterfall with additional plane.

Origin's contour graph can be created from both XYZ worksheet data and matrix data. It includes the ability to apply a color fill and/or a fill pattern to the contours, display contour lines (equipotential lines) and contour labels, as well as adjust contour levels. A color-scale object can be included with the contour plot to serve as a legend.

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Heat Map.
This graph shows the calculated optical density of states of a superlattice as function of the photon energy and the electric field.
Color fill contour graph with geographical map overlay.
XYZ contour plot of 30-year mean temperature for the month of January

A vector graph is a multidimensional graph used in industries such as meteorology, aviation, and construction that illustrates flow patterns (e.g. of wind, water, magnetic field), and represents both direction and magnitude at each point. Origin provides:

  • 2D Vector graphs
  • 3D Vector graphs

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Vector plot illustrating the effect on river water flow of two differently shaped pylons.
Contour plot depicting vertical wind velocities as a function of time and height, overlaid with a vector plot depicting wind speed and direction.
2D XYXY vector plot displaying Arnold''s cat mapping transformation.
3D vector plots derived from worksheet XYZ data.

Origin supports free transforms of 3D plots. Some transforms can be done in real time, e.g. rotation, stretching or skewing. Origin provides:

  • 3D Symbol/Trajectory/Vector Plot
  • 3D Bars Plot
  • 3D Surface Plot
  • 3D Function Plot
  • 3D Ribbons/Walls Plot
  • 3D Waterfall
  • 3D Ternary

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3D Scatter with Colormap, scatter size proportional to another column
Surface plot with symbols and drop lines to surface
Wireframe Surface graph
3D Histogram graph from the bivariate data.
Two intersecting surface plots with transparency and different color map
Multiple Surfaces in Same Layer

Origin upports many types of Statistical graph:

  • Box Chart, Grouped Box Chart
  • Histogram, Stacked Histograms
  • Marginal Box/ Histogram Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Probability & Q-Q Plots
  • Scatter Matrix Plots
  • QC(x bar R) Chart
  • Histogram + Probabilities Plot

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Box chart of temperature data with scatter plot and distribution overlay.
Grouped box chart with gap between subgroups.
Histogram plot and normal distribution curve.
Marginal distribution curve.
Marginal histogram.
Scatter Matrix Plot with Histogram in Diagonal Cells.
Pareto chart with labels and custom colors for individual columns.
Typical Weibull probability plot showing observed percentage on the X axis and expected cumulative percentage on the Y axis.

Origin upports many types of Specialized graph:

  • Wind Rose (Binned/Raw Data)
  • Spider Plots
  • Smith Charts
  • Zoom Graph
  • Stock Graphs

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Windrose graph displaying wind speed and wind direction
Radar Graph
Smith chart graphing impedence in transmission lines.
Open-High-Low-Close chart
Open-High-Low-Close-Volume stock chart displaying the open, high, low, and close prices of the stock over a period from 4/5/2010 to 6/14/2010.
Zoom in a part of the step signal to perform Rise Time gadget.

Origin allows you to create profiles on contour and image graphs, allowing easy inspection of vertical and horizontal cross-sections of your data.

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Contour profile plot
Image plot with two horizontal profiles

Origin supports many types of function plots, including 2D and 3D parametric functions. 2D parametric functions are widely used in describing circles, parabolas, and hyperbolas, while 3D parametric functions describe parametric surfaces.

  • 2D Function Plot
  • 2D Parametric Function Plot
  • 3D Function Plot
  • 3D Parametric Function Plot

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Parametric function curve filled with gradient color
Polar function plot
Breather plotted from a built-in theme.
Parametric Function Surface with colormap from another matrix

Origin comes with two built-in image graph types: image plots and image profiles.

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Image Plot
Image Plot
Image Profile

Origin allows you to customize your graphs, then reuse the custom settings with similar data. You can save your custom settings either as templates or Themes. Alternately, you can use Origin's batch plotting or Change Worksheet feature. Unlike graph templates and Themes, batch plotting does not require pre-saving a file and it is especially useful when working with multi-column/sheet/book data.

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Batch Plotting
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