Origin Evaluation/Demo - Try out Origin's graphing and data analysis features.
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Origin/OriginPro Evaluation (Demo)

The evaluation can be installed as Origin or as OriginPro. All product features are fully functional - however the evaluation has the following limitations:

  • Time limitation: The evaluation will run for up to 21 days with an evaluation license.

  • Watermark on graphs: A "demo" stamp displays on graphs that are copied, exported or printed.

Note: If you only need to view an Origin project file rather than evaluate Origin, a free Origin Viewer is available.

To evaluate Origin or OriginPro, please perform these steps:

  1. Obtain the installer (View System Requirements):

     Download the Origin Evaluation/Demo

Download Now

     Order the Origin Evaluation/Demo DVD

Request the DVD

     Try out a multi-user evaluation

Try out a multi-user evaluation!

  2. Run the installer and install either the Origin or the OriginPro evaluation.

  3. Launch the application and use the licensing dialog that opens to obtain an evaluation license.

  4. Watch a video about installing and licensing the evaluation.

  Note 1: If the computer you installed the Origin or OriginPro Evaluation on does not have internet access, obtain an Origin Evaluation license or obtain an OriginPro Evaluation license.

  Note 2: If you have already installed the demo but your license has expired, and you wish to extend your evaluation period, please contact us.


Technical Support during your Evaluation period:

Please contact Technical Support for questions you may have about Origin or OriginPro features.

If you need assistance creating a graph while evaluating the demo, we can help. Submit a sketch of your graph and we'll create it for you!

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